• Do you have a minimum order amount?
    • Screen printing: 24 pieces (of same print, print colors and print location)
      Embroidery: 8 pieces (of like items)
  • Do you have any screen setup charge?
    • Our pricing includes any applicable screen charges. Special orders may incur a screen charge.
  • Do you have a digitizing charge for my logo to be embroidered?
    • All orders under 24 embroidered items require a digitizing charge of $35.
  • What is your standard turnaround time?
    • 7-10 business days AFTER order with design approval
      Rush Production Charges (when available):
      7 business days - $25
      5 business days - $50
      3 business days - $125
      Next day - $250
  • How long does shipping take and what does it cost?
    • Please see our Shipping Section
      Shipping is usually between 1-3 days. Costs are dependent on UPS estimates and amount of items ordered.
  • When is payment due?
    • 50% of payment is due when order is approved and the other 50% is due when you receive your order.
  • Can I mix shirt colors?
    • Yes! You can mix shirt colors as long as the design and design colors remain the same.
  • Can I come in and see you to place an order?
    • You are more than welcome to come in and talk with us about your order.
  • How can I make a reservation to talk to someone about my order?
    • Please call or email us and make an appointment.
  • Can I see what my shirt looks like before it prints?
    • You will be given an electronic proof of the order for approval
  • Can you help me with a design?
    • We can help you! Please take a look at the Design Studio first to see if those designs are adequate. You may also
      send us print-ready designs you have. If you still need help, feel free to upload any images you find online that
      match your preferences to give us an idea on what direction to take.
  • In what format should I send my design to you?
    • .AI .PSD .EPS files are highly recommended. These files are usually print-ready and are very easy to edit. Make sure
      your file is 300 dpi and all text is converted into “outlines” so the fonts will come through accurately. Otherwise
      please send high-quality .PNG or .JPEG files. Do not send Microsoft Word or Publisher files.
  • Can you create me a logo for my company?
    • Logos will require a design charge. These charges vary from project to project. Please call for an estimate.
  • How large can you print?
    • We can only print designs within a 13 in x 18 in area.
  • Does my design have to be perfect when I send it to you?
    • We understand a design can go through many edits. Please make as many edits as possible before you send it to us.
  • Can you make my design distressed or washed-out?
    • Yes. We have tools that allow us to distress designs.
  • I am having trouble uploading my design. What should I do?
    • Try refreshing the webpage. If your design will not upload then feel free to email us the design instead. We can
      attach the design to your quote once you submit it.
  • Can I use a design in the studio but a different font not in the studio?
    • We recommend finding a temporary font when submitting a design for the studio. We then can edit the font on
      our end and send it back to you for approval. Please make this clear in the “Notes” block.
  • How do I make a quote?
    • Find the “Build A Quote” tab in the top right corner of the webpage. There will be a drop down form for you to fill.
      Feel free to close the form at anytime and return to it as you explore our website. Your info will remain until you
      exit the website or select “Submit”.
  • Can I come in to get a quote?
    • You are more than welcome to come in to browse our showroom and place an order. You can also call us at
  • How can I get a quote for 3XL sizes or larger?
    • Please write in any sizes above 2XL in the “Notes” block.
  • Do I have to make a separate quote if I have a second design?
    • You can add multiple designs on one quote. Please indicate where this design will be located. If you have multiple
      items on one quote then indicate which item gets which design in the “Notes” block.
  • Can I place two different orders on the same quote?
    • Our online form will not allow two separate orders. Please create a separate quote for a separate order.
  • Can I send you two quotes for comparison purposes?
    • You are allowed to place multiple items on one quote. You are welcome to create another one though. Please
      indicate this in the “Notes” block.
  • Can I edit my quote after I send it?
    • Unfortunately, a quote cannot be edited after it is submitted. You will have to create a new quote and inform us to
      cancel the previous one in the “Notes” block.
  • What do I place in the “Project Title” space?
    • This helps us organize projects on our end. Examples are: Johns Creek High Spiritwear 2016, Hayward Baker Staff
      Shirts, YMCA Forsyth Swim Team, Ms. Holcomb’s Kindergarten Class.